December 14, 2004

Room with a View 2

So, today's excursion to doss-holes of London, was not a long journey from where I work at Old Street. A ten minute walk finds me in amongst the low-rise estates of Hoxton. The flat itself was in pretty good shape. It was clean and modern, and a reasonable size, with a good living room. I don't particularly like low-rise tower blocks, though this one didn't seem too scutty.

In residence was a 21 year old girl who had just finished university, and had a job as a 'creative', according to the advert. She was pleasant enough, but perhaps a bit young for old codgers like me to be hanging out with.

The rent was £440 a month, plus all bills, and also the room was not available until January 18th, which would leave me out in the cold for a week. On reflection, despite it's very central location, and the prospect of 21 year old girls hanging around the place - I decided the price and time it was available, were not quite what I was looking for.

Room with a View 3

Posted by paul at December 14, 2004 09:16 PM