December 13, 2004

Room with a View 1

So, today I began my search for new lodgings. This is generally a tedious process, but infinitely better than it was in 1999 when I used Loot magazine, a source of infinite crap rooms, no information, and 55p a day down the drain. In these more modern times we have the internet, and which is totally great, and done by a guy called Julian who started it as a hobby. It has a very configurable search, so you can cut through the crap really quick. I highly rate it.

My first port of call was Loughborough Junction - not too nice an area, but just down the road from my current location in sunny Camberwell. The room was a not a bad size, amd the house has a good living room with cable TV, and a broadband connection. The rent at £403 inc council tax, was pretty decent, and the house was populated by friendly Australians. The place had a nice atmosphere, and the guys in the house seemed easy to get along with.

They had 'decks' in the living room, which they were very proud of. That's 'record players' to us old folks. Still, I quite liked the place, and on Monday after more people have looked, I will hear the outcome. Fingers crossed, as it's certainly in the running.

Room with a View 2

Posted by paul at December 13, 2004 09:58 PM