December 16, 2004

Room with a View 3

Today's principle outing was to Brixton in deepest South London. Brixton is on the edge of what I call the 'acceptable distance to live away from Central London'

I arrived at the place, which was very close to Brixton tube station, and was met by Richard an investment banker from Philadelphia/Ghana. He was basically renting the whole one bedroom flat, converting the living room into his room, and subletting the other room out.

It was a pretty nice place, and the landlady seemed to like African things, as the place was adorned with masks and drums and that kind of thing. Richard seemed like a nice guy, but was quite reserved.

The rent was £400 with all bills included, which is pretty good - but of course the flat would contain no living room. The kitchen was a decent size though, and there was a balcony on the roof.

I was very much in two minds about this place, as the room was really nice, and the rent was really cheap, The drawbacks were the distance away from work (getting on for 7 miles), and the lack of living room space.

Richard said he would call everyone who had looked at the room, whether they got it or not. If he offered me the room, I had to make a decision about whether to take it, or whether to hold out until Monday, and hope I get the place I looked at then.

After a degree of thinking about it, I decided that I wouldn't take it anyway, and actually he never called back either.

Room with a View 4

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