December 15, 2004

The Gospel according to Christmas

Tonight I went to the Union Chapel to see a bunch of famous people and a choir sing a bunch of Christmas songs and hymns. I am writing this on Saturday and pretending it's Wednesday, the day of the event. This is in line with BBC Radio 2 who were there to record the event. They were blatanty pretending that it was being recorded 'live on Christmas Day'. Not exactly lying, as it was recorded 'live', and will be broadcast on Xmas Day. Still, if I was a lawyer, I would call it 'intent to deceive.'

The Union Chapel is a great big chapel in Islington which hosts musical events, as well as being a chapel. Sadly, it looks like the music will be off from now on, as there is a dispute over the serving of alcohol with the new American minister.

The concert itself was really enjoyable. Hosted by Jamelia who kept messing up her lines, and having to reread them - it featured a fine array of the youngest brightest pop stars the UK has to offer, and also Tyler.

Perhaps I'm being unfair to Tyler, but he was the only one there I'd never heard of, and he also sang like a girl. What's more, his name can be easily confused with a different ageing rock star type Tyla, who was lead singer of The Dogs D'Amour (I have no idea what they sound like)

The fact that he only used his first name, made him pretty difficult to track down, but I finally deduced that he is non other than Tyler James. Tyler, I'm really sorry, but you're not quite famous enough to be dispensing with your last name so prematurely.

The rest of the bunch were Jamelia, Lamar, Delta Goodrem, Katie Meluah, Brian McFadden, Amy Winehouse, and Embrace. The London Community Gospel Choir were there too, and they rocked out (in a gospelly kind of way)


Posted by paul at December 15, 2004 01:46 PM


I'm very sorry to Shaznay Lewis, formerly of the All Saints, for forgetting to mention that she too sang on this fine evening.
You were great too, if a little nervous, so once again - sorry for leaving you out - you were definitely better than Tyler...

Posted by: Angry Beaton at December 20, 2004 09:38 PM