Welcome to Angry Beaton's geography quiz...

Information about the Geography Quiz

This geography quiz will test your knowledge of countries and their capitals and major cities
You will be given a series of geography quiz questions with multiple choice answers.
You have 10 seconds to answer each question in the geography quiz.
You get slightly more points for answering quicker.
You can choose to play the geography quiz on easy, medium or difficult levels.
There are 20 quiz questions on the easy and medium levels, and 25 on the difficult level
Once you select your level, the first geography quiz question will appear fairly quickly. Be ready!
At the end, if you are in the top 100, you can enter your name in the Geography Quiz high score table
Then you can play the goegraphy quiz all over again! (that was a deliberate mispelling - honest!)
Have fun!

Play the Geography Quiz

Note: The high score table was reset in November 2006. View a screenshot of the old table here.

It was also reset in May 2009 - view a less interesting screenshot here - Congratulations 'toinette' whoever you are!

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