The Trip to Africa

In December 2003 I set off from Tangier heading south across the Sahara Desert, with the aim of getting to Ghana. I didn't quite make it that far, but I got across the desert, and I wrote a blog as I went along.

The Desert in Chinguetti

These pages are a compilation of those blog entries, with added pictures, and in chronological order, so they can be read forwards instead of backwards like in the blog.

Being a rather slack and lazy photographer, I didn't take pictures during certain parts of the trip, and so have borrowed pictures from other people who took the same or a similar trip (and probably better photos than I would have took!)

So, thanks to Tom Moreton who went to Morocco with me, Robin Mardeusz who I met and hung out with in Morocco, Joao Leitao who had some great pictures of Mauritania and Senegal from a similar trip that he did around about the same time, and Ali who had some very old photos of Bamako (it hasn't changed that much!)

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The Trip to Africa The Route
Tangier - Casablanca Casablanca - Sidi Ifni Sidi Ifni - Dakhla
Nouadibhou - Atar Atar - Rosso
Rosso - Banjul Banjul - Kidira
Kidira - Bamako