January 06, 2005

Bingo in Malta


For reasons unknown, the islands of Malta are blessed with an abundance of places to play Bingo. Feeling it would be rude not to partake of an obviously centuries old island tradition - Catheryn and myself took ourselves off to the bingo this fine Thursday evening.

Catheryn was rather skeptical about the potential entertainment value of the bingo, but was soon quivering with excitement after we won a couple of games of 'party bingo', which is played before the main games as a kind of warm up.

Unfortunately, our luck did not extend to the main game, but we did get within one number of a 'house' a couple of times. It may not sound it, but this is actually rather exciting (perhaps the two glasses of wine helped...)

The 'bingo hall' was kind of like a school cafeteria, with plastic bench type seats and tables, and the caller was rather restrained (no shouts of 'legs eleven') - so I can't wait to try the genuine article in some dodgy bingo hall in Peckham when I get back.

Meanwhile, I've got my hands full trying to stop Catheryn from going back there every night until we leave...

Posted by paul at January 6, 2005 10:25 PM