January 07, 2005

Malta's Highest Point


Today we were at some nice cliffs near a place called Dingli. They are not far from Malta's highest point, which is called Ta'Dmejrek, and is 253 metres high.

It is a great failing on Malta's part that this point is -

a) on private land
b) totally unmarked in any way
c) unheard of by anyone in Malta whatsoever.

We wandered about along the cliffs trying to match a place to the little triangle on the map, but it was in reality an impossible task. Despite the guidebook mentioning 'walking along the cliffs to the highest point in Malta', no such place was to be found.

If I was in charge of the tourist board in Malta, I would pull my finger out and get a builder out there right away to build a concrete triangle with a plaque on it, and preferably one of those diagrams that points out all the landmarks in the distance.

While I'm complaining to the Maltese tourist board, I'd like to mention the ice-cream seller in Buskett Gardens today - He sold us 99ers and didn't use proper whipped ice cream, but crappy regular vanilla out of some tub he probably bought in the supermarket. Not only that, but he had no raspberry sauce, and the flake was old and tasteless. It also cost over £1.50. Confiscate his van, and sack him.

Posted by paul at January 7, 2005 08:34 PM