January 02, 2005

Things in Malta


I am very much enjoying my holiday here in Malta so far. Miss Catheryn and myself have been riding the buses on the highways and byways of Malta, and looking at a lot of old buildings and churches. I have been using my new digital camera to the extreme, and have become very snap happy. No doubt many of the pictures will find their way on to this site at some point.

I'm being a bit blog-lazy at the moment, so this entry will outline some of the things that are very common in Malta -

1) Buses - there is a GREAT public transport system here. Frequent buses to everywhere - and reasonably priced. Many of them are old tin cans painted bright yellow. I like them a lot.

2) Public Toilets - many more than you would normally see. Very handy, and usually reasonably clean. No need to look for a Macdonalds over here.

3) Churches - More than you can shake a stick at. Not just your ordinary run-of-the-mill churches - but giant ornate masterpieces of architecture on every street corner.

4) Pizza - It is almost impossible to go into a restaurant and not be able to order pizza. One possible exception is the 'Mongolian Barbecue' near our apartment (I haven't checked though.)

5) Old tourists - If I see a tourist under fifty years of age, I immediately tap Catheryn on the shoulder and say 'Look! There's a young person just like us!'

6) Rain clouds - This is a seasonal entry, as I'm reliably informed that Malta has no rain for an average of 300 days per year. My official rain counter has measured rain on 4 days out of the 5 that we have been here so far. Catheryn very cleverly brought an umbrella, which we use to huddle under for the 1-2 hours of daily rain. The weatherman says the rainy weather is going away soon. Yes!

Posted by paul at January 2, 2005 09:09 PM