July 02, 2004

Big in Austria

Around about this time of the month, many logs are produced. Not by lumberjacks or the previously constipated, but by webservers. This month, the magic logs have lead me to discover that I am just like the late great Falco.
This is not because I can say 'Rock me Amadeus' in a variety of voices, although actually I can do that, but I get a bit stuck singing the German bits.
No, it is because, just like the late great Falco, I am big in Austria.
I have discovered not one, but TWO websites from Austria, that have decided to feature my Geography Quiz.
The first one is at -


For those of you who don't speak German, I will provide a translation of the introduction on the aforementioned webpage -

'Do you know the capitals of the in demand countries? Select between three difficulty stages and find out, how well you over the capitals - not only within the European Union, but world-wide! - know! Click simply the window with your answer on and then on the Button "NEXT question". The best ones come on the Highscore list!'

The bright amongst you, may have noticed that this translation has been provided by a machine, and I was going to edit it, but I thought that the pure, original version had a certain charm to it, especially the part about 'coming on the Highscore list', which is open to all sorts of visual interpretation.

The second site has pretty much the same blurb, but believe it or not, actually requires a password, before you can click to get to the quiz! Falco will be turning in his grave.

Here it is anyway -


Falco's real name was Hans, and I like to think that Hans and myself have now formed a special 'Big in Austria' bond. To further cement this bond, I would like you to visit Falco the official site, and learn about his work.
At last, I can hear Vienna calling...

Posted by paul at July 2, 2004 08:31 PM