July 05, 2004

I Love the Linden Tree

I'm not the only one who loves the Linden Tree. O-zone also love the Linden Tree. In fact, O-zone love the Linden Tree so much, that they sang a song about it called 'Dragostea din tei', which means 'Love of the Linden Tree', or 'Love under the Linden Tree', depending on who you ask. They didn't even bother singing any of their song in English, so that the whole world could understand their love of the Linden Tree. They knew that the love of the Linden Tree was so powerful, that the message would shine through even in ROMANIAN.
By the way, Linden Trees are apparently beautiful -

Read about Linden Trees

Yes, O-zone are from Romania, or technically Moldova, but let's not split hairs. They are very big in France and Germany, but I don't think they are as big in Austria as the late great Falco.
Sneaky TV and record bosses have obviously tried to hide O-zone's love of the Linden Tree, by changing the name of the song to 'Ma ia hi', which is what it is called when I see it on the Hits channel, and seems to mean absolutely nothing.
The lyrics of 'Dragostea din tei' do suffer a little in translation, but here they are anyway -

Lyrics in English

I can't even think of five UK hits sung in a foreign language, so even if it's a song about a tree, then I wholeheartedly approve. Go O-zone, yeah!

Posted by paul at July 5, 2004 01:34 PM


have o-zone spit up?

Posted by: kat at January 13, 2005 04:38 PM