April 27, 2004

Public Transport makes me Happy

The people who brought you 'Skyscrapers make me Happy', are now proud to present 'Public Transport makes me Happy', the second in a series of unknown quantity.
Now, before you all start whining about how anyone could possibly be made happy by public transport, I will make clear that I don't necessarily enjoy riding the tube at rush hour, the trains are overpriced and badly run, and bus ticket machines sometimes make me angry. That, however, is not the point. Sometimes I like riding public transport, like the top deck at the front of a London bus, and sometimes I don't. The part that makes me happy, are the routes and infrastructure, which I find endlessly fascinating. Some of you may now be thinking, that in fact, that is even sadder and nerdy than actually enjoying riding the transport. What I say to you is, 'Open your mind, and discover the deep and fascinating world of public transport infrastructure.' (say it in a deep voice, for more effect, like the Twilight Zone)
So, for your further excitement, enjoyment, and delectation, I bring to you a set of public transport related links -

Pictures of animals made from a tube map. Wicked!

The stories, mysteries, and ghosts of disused and abandoned underground stations. Scary!

The blog of Annie Mole, mostly about the tube. Interesting!

The Tube Challenge - travel all the stations on the tube. Silly!

A page with all the London bus routes in numerical order. Useful!

Transport Blog
People discussing public transport and the free market. Educational!

Finally, I offer apologies to -

a) People who don't live in London, as these links are possibly not very relevant to them.

b) Tom, because I stole most of these links from his blog. You can see the massive extent of my plagiarism at Deeply Interesting (or nerdy) Links

Posted by paul at April 27, 2004 11:51 AM