April 28, 2004

Job Interview Number Two

Yes, hot on the heels of Job Interview Number One, comes Job Interview Number Two. This particular excursion was to see a giant PR company called Lewis. They were in a great big tower near Westminster, overlooking the Thames. They went for the 'tag team' interview approach, and first up was the International Recruitment Manger. She was quite amiable, and we discussed the company, the direction it was taking, and what kind of benefits the company offered (free dental and travel insurance, yearly bonus, and leisure vouchers). Not bad!
Next up was the Technical Head, and he was mean and scary. I couldn't figure out if he was in a hurry, or just in a bad mood. As he walked in, he said, 'So, give me the two minute version'. I wasn't sure which two minute version he was after, so I sang two minutes of an Avril Lavigne song, and then he kicked me out.
Well, that's not the whole truth I suppose. I actually told him about what I did at my last job, and only imagined the part about singing a song. He asked me some technical questions, all of which took the form of - 'Would you be able to do this?', or 'How long do you think it would take you to do this?'. I answered as best I could, and then like a flash of lightning, he was gone.
I didn't get quite as good a feeling about this interview, as I did at Job Interview Number One, but it can be quite hard to tell. They had some more people to see, and then they said they would let me know if I got a second interview.

Job Interview Number Three

Posted by paul at April 28, 2004 04:27 PM