April 26, 2004

Job Interview Number One

Following the recent phenomenal success of Blind Date Number One, I bring to you Job Interview Number One, the first in a similar series, except a successful result produces a job. I'm not sure what the successful result of a blind date is exactly, so I'll gloss over that for now.
I went on Friday, to a company called Victoria Real, who are owned by Endemol, the people who do Big Brother. They are out in Sheperd's Bush, and at this point I will make a recommendation that the most efficient way to get there from Holloway, is not by bus.
Their offices are in a giant ex-DHSS concrete monstrosity, but it's not so bad on the inside! I was interviewed by the Head of Technology, and another person, who I'm not quite sure what department they were from. The place had a pleasant atmosphere, and both interviewers seemed very friendly. They asked me a bunch of technical questions, which I think/hope I answered to their satisfaction, and then a selection of more personal type questions, such as 'Do you like football?', and 'What was it like to cycle to Istanbul?' (It's on my CV, in case you're wondering if they randomly ask everyone this question.)
I was in there for about 45 minutes, and it seemed to go OK. The agency that set it up, called later, and said that they wanted me back for a second interview. So, this is a good sign, unless rather than giving me the job, they just want to hear some more stories about cycling to Istanbul.

Job Interview Number Two

Posted by paul at April 26, 2004 10:31 AM