February 24, 2005

Bus Number 78

Bus Number 78 runs from Nunhead to Shoreditch via Peckham. It's route passes near my house, and ends near to where I work.

'Ideal!' I hear you cry, 'How convenient!'

That's what I used to think, and I would occasionally use this bus when not on my bike. It supposedly takes 40 minutes, which is actually a very hilarious joke, as I've never done it in less than 50 minutes EVER.

What's more, it often takes OVER an hour. I've come to expect this. I even leave before 9am to get to work for 10am. Just the other day, I boarded the bus at 8.40am, and we still hadn't got over Tower Bridge by 10am.

Therein lies the crux of the problem - Tower Bridge. It's not in the congestion zone. Why the hell not? It's fairly obviously Central London.

I don't care if it IS the easternmost bridge on the river. Make those drivers use the tunnels. Keep them underground where they belong - not blocking my way to work. While we're at it, put some bus lanes in.

On Monday, the driver of the 78 pulled up at Aldgate and said he had to turn around because 'he was running late', and wouldn't be going 'ALL THE WAY to Shoreditch'. He told us that another bus would appear behind us, and take us the rest of the way.

I politely enquired as to why he was doing this.
'The number 78 is ALWAYS running late', I stated.
He looked me in the eye, and knowing that he could not dispute this fact, he resorted to the 'I am only following orders' defense. He said that his 'guvernor' had told him to turn around, and it was not his fault.'I only drive them', he said.

I am considering a boycott of the number 78 bus, if anyone wants to join me...

Posted by paul at February 24, 2005 09:56 PM