October 24, 2003

Phone Weaving

It's just taken me FIVE attempts to get to a human representing Virgin Trains. Not content with the usual sequence of 'press 1 for this', 'press 2 for this' , they go on to the somewhat surreal - 'If you want to cancel a ticket, say 'cancel a ticket', 'If you require help, say 'help''.
One wrong move in the special sequence of pressing phone keys, and saying random words into the phone, and you will end up at the National Rail Enquiries line, meaning you have failed your mission.
The first time, I tried to be clever, and went for the path that obviously led to the human, but that human is not from Virgin Trains, and he helpfully gave me the Virgin Trains number, ie. the one I just dialed, but made the wrong keypresses, and ended up in the purgatory of redirection to National Rail Enquiries.
I see a future for a new olympic sport, perhaps called 'Phone Weaving', where the competitors start with a phone number, and the first one to speak to a human wins.
Maybe Britain will win some medals at last...

Posted by paul at October 24, 2003 06:07 PM