November 03, 2003

Cone Empire

On Friday night, four of us hired a car, and drove up the M1/M6 towards Blackpool, with the intention of riding rollercoasters
The motorway was so lined with so many cones, I began to dream of becoming a cone manufacturer, and selling millions of cones, until I had built a Cone Empire.
I was wondering how much I could sell my cones for, and it seems that in UK for about £10.90.
It seems that the American cone is 2 inches shorter than our domestic cones , which may be the only thing on American roads which is smaller than in the UK.

I was attempting to find out how many cones are out there on the motorway, so I could figure out the total worth of all the cones on Britain's motorways.
This information seems hard to come by on the internet, but I did discover a Cone Story.

More searching led me to , and at that point I thought I'd better stop.

If anyone can tell me how many cones are on the UK motorway, say on average in 2003, I would be very grateful.

Posted by paul at November 3, 2003 08:42 PM