October 24, 2003

No more brochures

I have been TWICE now, 3 days apart to my local LunnPoly travel agent, to get some brochures , as I would like to go on holiday in December.
The 'winter sun' shelves of the brochure section have been on both occasions empty.
The first time I went, they said, 'They have all gone, because it's cold outside'.
The second time I went they said 'We had hundreds this morning , but they are all gone now. It's been very busy'.
I don't consider either of these explanations very satisfactory, and would have preferred - 'Sorry! We fucked up when we ordered them , so now we've run out really quickly'.
We all know that's what really happened don't we?

Posted by paul at October 24, 2003 04:01 PM