June 19, 2005

The Six Million Dollar Curry Off

Alas, there was no six million dollar prize for the Curry Off - but there was the Six Million Dollar Man on TV.

I remember the show as a kid, and loved it - this time round it seemed a bit slow moving, and quite unintentionally hilarious in parts. We survived two episodes before giving up.

I didn't know the show was based on a book, but it was. Also the crash scene at the start is based on a real astronaut crash. I learned all this from the ever excellent wikipedia article.

The Curry Off involved us making, buying and eating curry related foodstuffs. We had two kinds of home-made curry made by Tom and Kev, onion bhajis made by my good self, and various sundries like cake and poppadums.

The bhajis were unfortunately soaked in grease due to my poor cooking ability, but rescued when Kev suggested we put them in the oven and bake them for a while.

I reckon Steve Austin would have enjoyed a curry or two, and he could have eaten it really quickly with his bionic arm. Then the next day he could run to the toilet quicker with his bionic legs. OK, I'm stopping now.

Posted by paul at June 19, 2005 08:53 PM