June 18, 2005

What else we did in Chamonix


So, the Chamonix Blog of 2005 comes to a close, and I have to say that we had pretty good weather for our week in Chamonix, and managed to have some very nice walks most days. We also consumed gigantic amounts of cheese, except for one day where Kev decided to ban cheese from his diet. He failed by accidentally eating some Parmesan. I think he was worried about being 'No Cheese' Narrainen.

Walking in the Chamonix Valley.

Tom and Kev both bought sticks to aid them with their walking. Kev was first off the mark, but Tom soon became jealous of Kev's long stick, and wanted one of his own.

Tom and Kev know how to use their sticks.

A big thumbs up goes to the restaurant at the Hotel L'Aiguille Du Midi where we had a totally delicious and wonderous five course meal just as we were giving up hope of finding anywhere to eat that night.

We spent a day following very small lines on the map, and crossing dangerous fast-flowing rivers. This we called 'Freestylin it', in an obvious attempt to make us appear young and hip (except for me, cos I'm obviously young and hip anyway...)

Freestylin across the river

We also took a day trip on the train to Martigny. The train journey was great, but Martigny was like a lost town from the 1970's transplanted to the alps. Kev is only willing to spend five years living there if he receives 5 million pounds in cash. Any offers?

The Mont Blanc Express to Martigny.

We thought that we had been a little early in the season, as lifts were shut, and there was a lot of snow at the top of the valley. We decided that next year's trip should be scheduled for the optimum time of the first week of September.

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