September 25, 2004

Bus Breakfast

I had breakfast on the bus this morning. This was not on the way to work or anything, I actually chose the bus as the location to eat breakfast. This may seem like strange behaviour, but actually it's a mini-tourist-break entitled 'South London sightseeing Breakfast Wanderer'.
'Enjoy a healthy breakfast from the front of our double-decker as it weaves it's way through the sights and sounds of South London'
Sounds good eh?
The first step is to buy the breakfast. You must do this before you board the bus. Once you are on the bus, there is no way you will be purchasing any breakfast. A good tip is to avoid buying a fry-up. These are not very portable, and difficult to eat on a bus. I recommend a ready-made Caesar salad, a banana, a croissant, a pot of yoghurt, and some nice iced tea to wash it down with. All of these items are available at Elephant and Castle Tescos. The salad there also comes with a handy fork, which works very well on the yoghurt too.

The second step is to pick a bus. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You need a route that starts from your present location, or you might not be able to get the breakfast seat you need at the front of the top deck. I chose the 322 to Crystal Palace, a running time of about 45 minutes, which is a good length for a leisurely breakfast. This was a bad choice, and I was horrified when the 322 pulled in, and it was a SINGLE DECKER. NEVER, EVER try and eat your breakfast on a single-decker. What is the point? I decided to switch to the 468 to Croydon, and this turned out to be a wise choice, as it was a quiet double-decker.
Finally, you need to make sure you are not too busy eating your breakfast to enjoy the scenery. I was tucking away into my salad, and I missed some of Camberwell, which is a great shame.
I recommend taking bus breakfasts only outside peak hours. Enjoy...

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Posted by paul at September 25, 2004 01:04 PM