September 23, 2004

Who Stays at a Hostel?

Who stays in these youth hostel places? These people do...

Matteus from Germany

He was in the room when I checked in. He said, 'Hello my name is Matteus'
I never managed to speak to him again, because he went to bed at 9pm and was gone by 7am.

Three American girls

The three American girls were looking for jobs in London. They had one-year work visas. Two of them were called Candice. They spent a lot of time on their mobile phones, and talked to each other about 'boys' a lot. They were 21 years old, and had just finished University. They wanted to live in West London, and in zone two.

The Chinese Guy

He was studying in Aberdeen, and was in London for a quick holiday. He came from Beijing and was studying business. He said if he could live anywhere in the world, it would be the Isle of Skye.

The Kiwi Girl

The Kiwi girl had worked in London before, and was here again looking for a job, and then looking for a flat. She had just been travelling around Europe for four months. She was very pretty.

The Japanese Girl

The Japanese girl was in the bunk above me. In three days I never heard her say a single world. She had lots of stuff in plastic bags that she rustled at night, and in the morning. She went to bed late and got up early. She was dressed very stylishly.


Mohammed was from Germany, of Tunisian descent. He had come to London to look for work because he was tired of the racism in Germany. He said London was great, because people were not racist here. He was a deep and thoughtful person, and was interested in Philosophy. He talked a lot, and although he said his English was not very good, it was actually excellent. In the end, he decided to go back to Germany to finish his degree, so he could get a better job when he came to London. He was pretty good company, and we spent a Saturday night hanging out, and walking around London.

Posted by paul at September 23, 2004 01:25 PM