August 08, 2005

The Great Tree Planting Ceremony

It was my mum's 60th birthday, and the scene was set for the great tree planting ceremony. We had the tree. We had the place to plant the tree. We had the spade to dig the hole.

Ordinarily, this might be enough - but in the Beaton household things are done rather differently. The spot where the tree was to be planted just happened to be under a giant pile of rubble and bricks. Not only that, but it was in the area where the goats lived. Goats like to eat trees.

Not only was a there a tree to plant, but a strange gazebo like construction needed to be erected in the garden.

The solution? Simple - remove the bricks, and build a goat-proof fence around the tree. The problem? Only 36 hours until tree-planting day. It was an impossible task - an alternative was required.

Somebody had left a pile of bricks in the tree planting area.

The alternative was an OFFICIAL tree planting, without actually planting the tree. To mark this occasion, it was decided that a plaque would be needed. The tree would be ceremonially placed in the right area, and the plaque unveiled - just like in the great tradition of the royal family opening shopping centres.

The tree planting area was meticulously prepared.

As the time came to unveil the great plaque, a curious crowd had gathered - eager to see the great event live as it happened. Lesley Beaton stepped up to the plaque, and with a triumphant flourish pulled away the official pink pillow case ceremonial plaque cover.

'I declare this tree officially planted,' she shouted joyously. The plaque was unveiled, and the grounds of the Beaton estate shook with thunderous applause from the masses gathered to watch this great ceremony.

History in the making as Lesley Beaton unveils the great plaque.

Then we went and had some tea.

The plaque was so nice and shiny you could see reflections in it.

Note to press: Official plaque text reads as follows -

Morus Nigra

This tree was planted on July 17th 2005 to commemorate the 60th birthday of Barbara Lesley Beaton.

Posted by paul at August 8, 2005 08:29 AM


The Beaton is a weird breed.

Did no-one consider an alternative location?
Or perhaps moving the bricks etc at an earlier stage.

The tree planting committee must be held accountable.

Posted by: Kev at August 9, 2005 11:48 AM

Alternative Location?!
Moving the bricks at an earlier stage?!?
Are you mad?!

Posted by: Angry Beaton at August 11, 2005 11:13 PM