July 14, 2005

The Bones of Kutna Hora


The bones are in a church, near the outskirts of Kutna Hora.

A big, scary pile of bones.

There are a lot of them, about 40000 skeletons worth. Yes, that's a lot of bones. They are arranged in big piles, and various decorations, such as a chandelier made out of every different bone found in the human body.
You can read more details about the bones here.

A shield of bones.

The official name of the bone church is Sedlec Ossuary, but I prefer 'Bone Church' for reasons of clarity. The intrepid explorers took a day trip to Bone Church, and found it very exciting. There were worries of bone nightmares occuring in the future, but so far there have been no official bone nightmare reports.

Lisa is worried about the bones.

We went to the Bone Church by train, the intrepid explorers favourite way of travel in the Czech republic. The Bone Church was also highly rated by the intrepid explorers, and we returned to Prague full of joy, although mostly asleep.

Posted by paul at July 14, 2005 08:13 AM