May 13, 2005

Wounded Cactus

Catheryn very kindly bought me my very own cactus, which I am quite excited about. Unfortunately, I have been a little clumsy, and my beloved cactus took a nose-dive and was seriously injured in the process.

Still, I have high hopes for it's recovery, and maybe even one day a flower will appear. I'm not sure how often I need to water it, but it's quite close to my speakers, and I'm sure that will do it some good.

So, if everyone could take a couple of minutes now in respect of my cactus' injury, that would be greatly appreciated. Any well-wishers should leave their sentiments below.

Poor, injured cactus

Posted by paul at May 13, 2005 08:51 AM


You cactus-cock!

Posted by: Kev at May 13, 2005 01:23 PM