May 01, 2005

Lonely April

A whole month seems to have passed by without me managing to write a single blog entry whatsoever. Poor, lonely April with no blog entries.

You musn't think that I didn't do anything worth writing about in April - that would be a grevious misperception. Amongst many other especially exciting things, I visited Brockley Park, Petts Wood, Farnborough, Dulwich Park, Cafe Pacifico, Soho, Essex, Sardinia, Erith, Crayford, Bexley, Bromley South, and Kentish Town.

I saw 'The Machinist', and 'Bullet Boy' at the cinema, and 'Beeches' play live. I cooked dinner a few times, and went out for a Vietnamese. Catheryn also moved to London, and she cooked me dinner a few times as well.

I ordered all 19 of the cycle maps from Transport for London, and had to make a few bookings on the internet for various holidays. One night riding home from work, a gang of youths threw a grapefruit at me, which obviously ruled that night out for blogging.

Sometimes in the evening, I was a little too tired to write in the blog, so you see, it's NO WONDER I've had no time to write this blog, what with my obviously FULL and BUSY life.

But the time has come to fight against this relentless tide, and the blog will fight on in the face of such mighty adversity.

To this end I present to you a useful analogy using Tower Bridge...

This represents blogging in April - The way is blocked.

This represents blogging in May - The way is clear.

Posted by paul at May 1, 2005 11:12 AM