March 07, 2005

Peckham is Strange, When You're a Stranger

There appears to be forces well beyond the comprehension of human beings at work in Peckham. We are truly not alone. Strange things have been appearing.

Luckily, I have painstakingly gathered photographic evidence of two of these well-documented strange phenomena - 'Flaming Tree Syndrome', and 'Car Colour Mutation.'

Flaming Tree Syndrome usually occurs when there is a high level of alien activity in the vicinity.

Car Colour Mutation can be dangerous - Do not approach any vehicles - this man later died.

Posted by paul at March 7, 2005 11:01 PM


Beaton, put down the photoshop and slowly back away. We don't want to hurt you, but we will.

Posted by: Kev at March 8, 2005 09:45 AM