January 23, 2005

Return of the Africa Blog

It's been a while, but the Africa Blog had been resurrected from the archives of last years blog entries. This means it now has its own section, and it can be read it in chronological order. Not only that, but I have added a vast array of pictures to accompany the story. You will be pleased to note that I didn't take all of the pictures, so some of them are actually quite good!

Casablanca Mosque

As I lacked pictures from certain parts of the trip, I managed to find several kind people who were willing to let me use their photos from the same or a similar journey, and use them to accompany the blog entries. Thanks again to these people, they are credited under the individual pictures.

So, without further ado...

The Africa Blog

Posted by paul at January 23, 2005 08:17 PM