November 01, 2004

How Late?

Right now I'm in the office quite late, as I'm waiting for a CD to burn. By 'late' - I mean that it's a couple of hours after the time that I would normally go home. Now, I've noticed that far and wide across London there is a flagrant misuse of 'late'. The culprits are small shops and newsagents. They often proclaim to be open 'till late.'
How late is 'late' anyway? I would hope at least 10pm for 'late', but I've seen them shut before that - the scoundrels.
So, how late is 'late?' - answers on a postcard...
Not that anyone cares, but you have to write something while the cd burns...

Posted by paul at November 1, 2004 08:15 PM


I indeed concur that it should be at least 10, what is the earliest that you have seen a place shut whilst claimging to be open til late?

Maybe they just meant 8?

Posted by: kev at November 2, 2004 09:09 AM

I'm sure that some people consider 8pm to be 'late', especially if you are a newsagent which may traditionally shut at 6pm. I do think that it would be much better to be precise about such things. I haven't got time in my busy life to figure out the exact opening times of various shops across London, just from the word 'late'...

I have seen shops that are 'open late' closed as early as 5pm, but only on Sunday, and I imagine that the rest of the week they put in the odd hour or so after 6pm. So they really should say - 'open late (but not on Sundays)' ... cheques will not be honoured...

Posted by: Angry Beaton at November 2, 2004 09:04 PM