October 12, 2004

Stansted is not that crap

Recently I recently enjoyed the Stansted experience again, and found it much more pleasurable than previous times. The check-in queues were very manageable, and entry through security was quite speedy. I'm not sure if they have opened more check-in desks or whether I was just flying at a better time (departing 10.50am rather than 7am)

My main complaint last time about there being no hotels in the airport grounds has been rectified as a new radisson hotel has opened there. It has Europe's first 'wine tower'. I don't know what the hell a 'wine tower' is, but it sounds good, and so it should - with the cheapest room rates at £105 for two people.

It's not likely that I will avail myself of this hotel in the future, as I now realise you can get to Stansted all through the night without too much trouble. I don't think very much of the Stansted rail link, and it's extraordinary price, but National Express have saved the day, by providing a cheaper service from Victoria, Golders Green, and Stratford. Would you believe you can go for only 6 quid from Stratford. I like it.

Posted by paul at October 12, 2004 01:17 PM