October 01, 2004

St. Christopher's Inn - Camden

Yesterday, I stayed at the St. Christopher's Inn Camden, which is part of a chain of youth hostels. I previously stayed at one of their other branches on Borough High Street. I am pleased to report that although the room size and beds were pretty much identical, the shower facilities were FAR AND AWAY superior to the ones at the Orient Espresso branch in Borough. In Camden they are EN-SUITE! Yes! You don't even have to go outside the room, and therefore risk forgetting your swipe card and being trapped outside in a wet towel for hours. What's more, the facilty contains TWO showers, which means that as I was in a ten bed dorm, there is a person to shower ratio of 5:1. This is almost approaching a sane level, and compares to a ratio of about 20:1 in the other place.
The breakfast provided downstairs was also at a slightly higher level, although I was somewhat disturbed to notice more than SEVEN jars of Vegemite, yet NO jars of marmite at all. That's just wrong, and I blame Australia.

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