September 08, 2004


An agave is a plant in the cactus family. I think they look cool. My mum and dad have one in their conservatory, but it's a little bit scruffy.
In Morocco they are all over the place, like this one...

I believe this one is called a 'century plant' because they flower only once in a lifetime. When it does flower, it shoots up a giant spike up to eight metres high. That's massive! I'd love to see one, but I never have. This page about the century plant has a picture of one in flower with a massive spike, and one without. They were originally only found in the Americas, but were imported to Morocco. You can make tequila out of it too - what more could you ask for in a plant?

If you have anything else to add about wonderful agave plants, please don't hesitate.

Posted by paul at September 8, 2004 11:39 AM