August 01, 2004

Getting Shirty

Back in the day, (one of my favourite expressions) you could visit places and bring back t-shirts that said 'Hawaii', or 'Sydney', or wherever it was that you had been.
Next thing you know, someone has come up with the idea of t-shirts saying, 'My brother went to Hawaii and all he got me was this lousy t-shirt'. It's just slightly possible that it was regarded as funny, back in the day, although obviously not as hilarious as the blank black postcards with 'Cambridge at night' written on them.
Nowadays, it seems that you can just about put any old crap you want on a t-shirt and somebody will be interested in it. With this in mind, and inspired by an article in yesterday's paper, I took to the mean streets of Holloway, epicentre of the known universe, to see what people had on their t-shirts...

Jakes Lucky 7 - Had no idea what this really was, but it turns out that David Beckham wore one of these t-shirts. Oooh... exciting.

Rehab is for quitters - This is in the section known as 'funny'.

Vacation in Pittsburgh ... The Lovers Paradise - Perhaps was intended for the section known as 'funny', but no-one was quite sure. Regrettably, I couldn't find this one for sale on the internet.

F**k Fashion ... Let's Rock and Roll - Wish I knew what this meant. It's just so hard with those misleading asterisks. Couldn't find this one for the sale on the internet either, but it did lead me to a site called All Corpse Clothing which sells t-shirts with extremely foul slogans like 'Crabs, She Didn't Get Them From The Seaside.'

Bristow - Good to see that Eric still has loyal fans, despite not bothering to play much darts these days.

S.O.S ... Save our Strippers ... Support Your Local Strip Bar - Perhaps intended for the section called 'funny', but maybe, more bizzarely, a play on words by someone from the Oklahoma Commission on Marginally Producing Oil and Gas Wells, whose slogan is in fact 'Save Our Strippers'. Not likely I guess...

Posted by paul at August 1, 2004 08:38 PM