June 09, 2004

Blind Date Number Two

I was only lamenting the lack of entries (no pun intended) in the Blind Date series just the other day, and what should happen, but another Blind Date.
This one was a definite improvement on Blind Date Number One, and in general I enjoyed myself. She was a 31 year old Croatian Nanny, and although we got on reasonably well, I didn't really fancy her very much.
She had a reasonable sense of humour, but I sensed a bossy, stroppy streak in there, and she made the cardinal mistake of daring to dispute the all magical rejuvinating properties of Coca Cola. She drank mineral water and a 'decaf, one-shot of coffee, soya milk latte'. To me that is suspicious behaviour.
We talked a lot about other dates that she had been on, and all the weirdos that bombard her with emails from the site.
Even though I enjoyed the date, I don't think we really had much in common, and by the end, I knew a lot more about her than she did about me. This seems to happen a lot, perhaps because people like to bang on about themselves the whole time, or perhaps because I like asking questions. Who knows?
So, the Blind Date series still has more life in it! (If I can be bothered to arrange another one!)

Posted by paul at June 9, 2004 08:31 PM