May 24, 2004

I'll Have the... Fish

My dad has taken to having Friday afternoons off work, so he can get stuff done in the garden. After the afternoon's gardening activity, he and my mum go in to Stafford for a meal out. They don't just go to any old restaurant, they have a particular favourite, which they go to every week. Is it an Indian? Or perhaps a nice Chinese restaurant? No, it's none of these, but rather the creme de la creme of all restaurants, the cafe in the Asda supermarket. This particular establishment is chosen because 'The fish is good', 'It's good value', and 'You can get the shopping done at the same time'.
They all seem to be reasonable points to me, so when I was invited along this Friday, off I went. My sister Lisa was off work studying, and so was also invited. She declared that the embarassment potential of being seen in the Asda cafe with her parents was massive, and the risk could not be undertaken. She declined the offer and went off down the road to get a Chinese takeaway.
I enjoyed 'Pasta with Basil and Tomato', my Mum indulged in 'Macaroni Cheese', and my Dad had 'Fish and Chips'. The fish was very good, apparently.

Posted by paul at May 24, 2004 06:11 PM