May 05, 2004

The Week that was Ordinary

Another week rolls around, and May has arrived - unlike a job offer of any kind. Still, I am generally keeping myself amused - unlike the bank manager, who won't be amused, if I carry on like this for too much longer.
I had a return interview from Victoria Real, of Job Interview Number One fame, which seemed to go OK, but they still want to interview more people. Apparently, I wasn't quite enthusiastic enough. I humbly apologise.
I saw the movie Elephant, which I reckoned was pretty great all round, and I went to see Preston School of Industry play, and they were rocking, as they say. I also partook of Johnny Vegas, who is a stand up comedian, for those of you who don't know, and I walked up a hill in Dartmouth Park, which has great views of London. Someone calling themselves Gypsy from Singapore played my quiz for over six hours, and I went to see Rosemary's Baby at the Prince Charles Cinema. I made a new page on this website, which has some music downloads. I went to the pub a few times, and also to the shop. I am trying to create a mundane blog entry. I watched TV, and went for some walks, and also to the cafe a few times. I cooked Carribean Rice, and watched Election on DVD. OK, that's it. You have suffered enough..

Posted by paul at May 5, 2004 03:15 PM