April 21, 2004

Parallel Universe

I recently discovered a parallel universe. It was just sitting there, just off the Holloway Road. In this parallel universe there is a high percentage of freaks and social disease. There is also an elite section of this parallel society, and they dress in green and wear name badges. In this parallel universe, time travels at a different speed, and words have different meanings from usual. There is a strict set of laws and regulations that governs every action in this parallel universe. Nothing makes sense, yet everyone pretends it does. It can be dangerous to enter this parallel universe as it is possible to become trapped for several hours, yet many people enter each day. I left the parallel universe after a mere two hours, but they have made me sign away my soul, and I must return to the parallel universe in two weeks time. Rumour has it, that after that, I will be unable to stop myself from returning to the parallel universe every two weeks. A strange old man spoke to me about the legend that tells of the way to escape the parallel universe forever. He spoke unto me just three words - 'Find a job'.

Posted by paul at April 21, 2004 01:43 PM