April 02, 2004

Logs and a Stick

The logs that I'm referring to are not wooden logs, but the log files that record visitors to this web site. They keep a record of the search terms that people have used to find the site. I recently examined them, and found people stumbling across this website for a wide variety of reasons. Most people find their way here looking for a geography quiz, but there are several other ways, my favourite so far being, 'oh we're halfway there oh we're living on a prayer aerosmith'. Sadly, the lyric in question is from Bon Jovi rather than Aerosmith. Even more sadly, someone found this site with that search. What can I say?
Another favourite of mine is 'why toyota use the disused airfield', which turns up the Angry Beaton website at number 35 using Google.
Last but not least, we have, 'i will like to enquire which of the following west african countries is tunisia visa free'. It is somewhat disappointing that a query with such bad grammar should lead to my website. Ah well...
Moving on to the 'stick', which is not actually a stick, but rather a white, slightly curved piece of plastic. This is what I have been using to get past the security gate at the entrance to my friend's place where I am currently residing. The gate has been broken for many months, and now they have gone and fixed it. I arrived back from the shop one day, and being unable to get in, managed to find this 'stick', which is just the perfect length to reach through the bars on the gate and open it from the inside. I have become quite attached to my stick over the last few days, and I even got it out in the pub the other night. At the moment, my stick and I go everywhere together, but I fear the days of our friendship are numbered, as even with the help of my stick, it took a few minutes to get past the gate the other day. I can only hope that my stick will now go on to a better, brighter future...

Posted by paul at April 2, 2004 08:46 PM


Any other tips on how to break into our residence you would like to share with the world? Perhaps a likely schedule for when the property will be empty for the longest period.

Posted by: Kev at April 5, 2004 12:19 PM