March 25, 2004

Caught in the Undertow

Help me! I'm still listening to Linkin Park, and now I think their lyrics are saying something that relates to my life. It surely can't be long before I break down completely. I think I've started on the slippery slope to addiction. First it's Linkin Park, then it goes on to more serious stuff like Limp Bizkit, and before you know it, I'll be buying a skateboard and wearing two T-shirts.
I turned to the Wikipedia Nu-Metal page for help, and was horrified to discover that there are such things as 'Christian Metal', and 'Stoner Metal'. I'm only at the tip of the metal iceberg, my life is in danger.
It then said that Nu-metal can also be written using the heavy metal umlaut, and is also known as 'aggro metal'. Now when I see umlauts I get frightened, meaning that I can never go to Germany again.
A Christian Metal band called Stryper used to throw bibles off the stage. That's not very Christian is it, you could seriously injure someone, or even 'have someone's eye out'.
'I fought so hard against it all, but in the end it doesn't really matter', so says Linkin Park. I'm sure they were referring to the fight against Nu-metal addiction, hence perhaps making the greatest ironic statement of all time.
What can I do? Last summer at a festival I was persuaded to go and see Staind play. I never knew it could cause such long term damage, but that's how it starts. 'Go on, have a listen, it won't hurt'. I can now only hope for some divine intervention to save me. Maybe listening to some Stryper will help. Doh!

Posted by paul at March 25, 2004 02:29 PM