March 02, 2004

How to be Good

This is a book by Nick Hornby that I have just finished reading. In it, one of the characters is working on a book also called 'How to be Good', which contains advice about all the 'right' things to do in life.
The 'right' things to do in life is of course a massive and tricky subject with perhaps no answers. This is I think what Nick Hornby was thinking when he wrote the book. Still, reading the book will perhaps make you think about a few things, and it is also quite entertaining, while being maybe depressing at the same time. This is a good thing in a book. I think.
If I put some stars at the end of this paragraph then this becomes a book review doesn't it? I don't have any star graphics at hand, and I am not willing to compromise the integrity of the blog by just writing the number of stars without graphics. Besides, for the stars to be truly effective they need a key with clever wording beside them. Also, I really ought to be more imaginative than stars, and grade them with little book icons or something else that I made up.
Therefore, this is not a book review, even though I have said something about a book. Perhaps now I will go and make some star/book graphics and a clever key, then the next time I write about a book, I will be prepared, and it will become a book review, just like what real journalists do...

Posted by paul at March 2, 2004 02:47 PM