February 26, 2004

Church Eaton

I am in Church Eaton right now. Church Eaton is certainly not in Africa, and I toyed with creating a graphic for the 'Church Eaton Blog'. In the end, I walked to the canal instead.
On paper, things don't look too good. No savings, no house, no car, no pension, no job, and my girlfriend has broken up with me. Strangely enough, I feel good about this state of affairs. This may mean that I have some kind of personality disorder, and perhaps I do, and it is known as 'reckless optimism'.
Of course, this still hasn't help me come up with any ideas about what I'm going to actually do, but hey, I've only been back of couple of days, and you can't rush these things.
So, in the meantime, if anyone has any money, jobs, houses, cars, or girlfriends that are going spare, then you know it is your civic duty to send them my way....

Posted by paul at February 26, 2004 05:00 PM


Since when were cars or pensions part of the Beaton plan?

Posted by: Kev at February 26, 2004 05:53 PM

Well, they are not really, exactly in the plan, so to speak. What I mean is, if I had a plan they probably wouldn't be in it. But in the absence of having a plan, surely it is foolhardy to rule anything out. And of course, if anyone offers me cars or pensions then I might well accept. Just because something isn't in, or likely to be in the plan, doesn't mean that I should reject it out of hand. It could lead to me avoiding becoming a professional egg-scrambler.

Posted by: angry beaton at February 26, 2004 08:46 PM

oh paul! bless you you poor love! sat in stafford library 'it suite' alternating between pissing ourselves and crying for you! x

Posted by: caroline and tom at February 28, 2004 02:20 PM