February 13, 2004

Last Country

Today's task in Tambacounda was to get money on my visa card. Needless to say I failed, and had to cash a travellers cheque. I've been trying to save the travellers cheques, just in case I can't pay for my flight with a visa card. In Mali, there is only one cashpoint in the whole country, and it occured to me that maybe travel agencies there don't take visa cards. Anyway, time will tell no doubt, and I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
I have decided that Mali is to be the last country on this trip, as I am currently uninclined to travel any more long distances! Mali is quite big enough by itself, and I will spend 2-3 weeks there, and fly out of Bamako hopefully.
After the rotten bus journey to Basse Sante Su, getting here was much more pleasant. Hardcore travellers may say that I cheated, as rather than getting 3 poxy cramped delay-ridden bush taxis to get to Velingra, the main town in Senegal, I walked up to a taxi driver in Basse Sante Su, and gave him about 12 quid to take me the whole way!
This worked out pretty well, and he stopped at his house to get his paperwork for crossing the border, and off we went. Crossing into Senegal was as easy and friendly as on the way in, and a few hours later I had arrived at Velingra.
From there, just 2 hours in the back of a bush taxi, and Voila! I arrived.
So, today I did nothing after the bank, except to mentally and physically prepare myself for the next two days voyage (that means I had a quick sleep).
I would also like to point out that every word in this blog entry carries exceptional value, as the cost of internet in this out of the way Tambacounda Town has skyrocketed to 2 quid an hour, compared to about 30p - 50p in the big cities. So I suggest you read it again to get the full value...

Posted by paul at February 13, 2004 06:23 PM


well boy, it sounds like a tough ol' time out there and to be frank, I don't envy you one bit for once. But remember, as any old crusty travller would tell you, that this hardship is the true meaning of travel. Until you've suffered, you've seen nothing. Even if you've seen quite a lot of things.... (don't ask..... just smoke.)
Bad in blighty, another night in the pub, but very enjoyable, shared between old street and soho. Funny how you begin to value you things that all too soon seem to be coming to an end.
You don't owe me a meal, but we shall have one any how. Can't promise who'll pay though......:-)

Posted by: tom at February 14, 2004 01:19 AM