February 10, 2004

Going to Mali

Well, the time has come to leave the comfort of my TV, fan, tourist restaurants, beach, and nature reserves. My stomach seems to have settled down. My mosquito bites have stopped itching. I don't have malaria yet that I'm aware of. Therefore, barring disasters, I will set off tomorrow for Bamako, capital of Mali.
I went to another nature reserve today, and I saw more monkeys and also a deer, which I don't think has any rightful place in a jungle. I mean, deers go with forests not jungles, and this place was definitely a jungle, as I could hear appropriate jungle soundtrack noises. Also present were lots of coloured birds, and some lizards. I have no objection to them being in the jungle. I also THOUGHT I saw a grey squirrel, but there's NO WAY that should be in a jungle, so I'm striking it from my 'animals spotted' list. The list is only in my head - before anybody asks..
The other thing I noticed today besides animals, was that 'Uncle Sam Security', seems to be responsible for protecting everything in The Gambia. They have an eagle logo and their signs are displayed prominently wherever a building needs protecting. I was wondering if Mr. Bush had his finger in some pies over here. He's very good at security, so maybe he's started some subsiduaries. I do think 'Uncle Sam Security', is giving the game away though, and it would be better called 'Generic Security Company'.
By the way, it's going to take 4 days to get Bamako - 3 buses and a train, and I have to pass through Senegal again, so TWO border crossings. Thankfully, not on the same day. The train is supposedly full of thieves as well. Does anyone have any idea why I would want to do this? I can't think of one right now.
I don't know how much internet there is on the way, so as someone famous once said - 'I'm going now. I maybe some time..'
HOLD ON, that guy DIED, didn't he? Why am I saying that?

Posted by paul at February 10, 2004 06:07 PM


Just because it might be your last blog, there really is no need to post it twice Paul.

Incidentally, I like your alternative Security company name. Generic Security Company does have a certain flair to it.

Posted by: Kev at February 11, 2004 05:49 PM