January 15, 2004

End of the Road

Well, here I am in Dahkla, where all the buses in Morocco stop running. It's bigger than I imagined. It took 8 hours to get here, and there were 4 police checkpoints. These ones were obviously more severe, as I had to actually get off the bus, and go to a little hut each time. The guy in the hut basically has to write down all my details, including my occupation - obviously. The first 2 guys had a pile of yellow paper, and they just scrawled it down. The last guy was obviously the most important, because he had a TYPEWRITER, and he was pretty quick on it, I might add. He also had some big lists on his walls. 'List of stolen vehicles', and 'List of military deserters to be searched for and apprehended'.
There are army guys all over the place. Less UN, mostly Moroccan soldiers. We overtook one in a jeep today, and he was driving whilst drinking a beer. Well, not drinking it exactly, more like holding it in his hand ready to drink..
The desert was pretty samey today, and I actually fell asleep through a lot of it (7am start - very tiring!).
I am now 200 miles or so from the Mauritanian border, and no more public transport. There is a rumour of some sort of taxi perhaps maybe, no-one seems to know. Failing that, there is going to the 4 star hotel and looking for a tourist driving through. Failing that, there is hitching. Failing that, there is I don't know what...
Think I'll start by going to the hotel...

Posted by paul at January 15, 2004 07:54 PM