January 11, 2004


Having now spent a few days in Marrakesh, I officially give it a big thumbs up, and award it top Moroccan city. It's very visually pleasing, with the amazing square in the middle, that has non-stop action. And although wandering around amongst the food stalls, story tellers, salesman, snake-charmers and the like, is not necessarily thrilling, when you sit on the roof terrace of one of the many cafes and observe from above, you can watch for hours.
There seemed to be less hassle from touts than in Fes, and the Medina is just as big, and more interesting, as there seems to be less area of covered market selling shoes, and more variety in the twisting streets.
The red colour of the walls, and bright sun all help to conjure up a very exotic atmosphere, and although I spent nearly all my time lost, it was a pleasant experience.
I was pretending to be Finnish for a while to deter touts from hassling me in English, and I met one old guy who came up with the Finnish for - 'hello' , 'how are you?', 'Finland', and 'Very good Berber Market'. Not bad at all.
The last night I was there, I bumped into Robin who I hung out with during New Year, and I finally managed to meet up with Andy and Rhiannon at the end of their weeks holiday. Andy celebrated by buying a carpet, and we all went and had a beer.

Posted by paul at January 11, 2004 06:59 PM