January 03, 2004

A Weekend of Nature

And so it came to pass that I require a visa for Mauritania, available in Casablanca, but of course not available on Friday afternoons or the weekend.
So rather than spend the weekend in Casablanca, I stopped on the way there in Kenitra, which is a pleasant little place a couple of hours north.
The first day here was a bit wet, so I hopped on the train to Rabat and spent the afternoon at the zoo. It's not too bad a zoo, and most of the animals seem to have plenty of room. This didn't seem to be the case for the Jackals, who I felt sorry for. It made me think that even dirty, sneaky Jackals need a bit of space to prowl around in.
Today I went to a place called Medhiya, which is a 20 minute bus journey out of Kenitra. It has a long, quite nice beach which is very quiet this time of year, but best of all it has a Nature Reserve in the form of a lovely lake only 3km or so away.
It was a lovely walk out there, and the place was filled with birds. They all kind of looked the same to me, but apparently birdwatchers love it there. Even though it was Saturday, it wasn't too busy with people, and the sun was out on a pleasant, warm day.
Now, the nature is over, and tomorrow I will head for dirty, big old Casablanca.

Posted by paul at January 3, 2004 07:13 PM