December 11, 2003

Things about Cyprus

I am on holiday in Cyprus at the moment, and thoroughly enjoying myself. These are some things about Cyprus that you may or may not know.

- All hire cars have red licence plates, so you can easily spot them. This is presumably so that locals can come even closer behind you at night, with their lights on full beam.

- There is a sizeable Russian population here, who are apparently 'dodgy'.

- They haven't bothered paving quite a lot of the roads on the island, and there is hardly any public transport, so theres a lot of people driving Isuzu pick-up trucks.

- Nicosia is called Lefkosia here, and there is a wall running through it, with UN soldiers holding big guns, to separate the Turkish side from the Greek side. You can cross from one side to the other, with your passport for a day trip. It's very weird. In the no-mans land all is deserted, and there are bullet holes all over the buildings.

- They have lots of nice deserts.

Posted by paul at December 11, 2003 11:59 AM