November 04, 2003

Sit with me for a tenner

I just went down to my local travel agent, and they have brochures with PACKAGE holidays (PACKAGE I thought, means including everything...)
They had a self-catering holiday advertised at £129, which sounded reasonable until I was told the REAL cost, which was .. wait for it .. £192!
Is this because of insurance? No, not including insurance.
A parade of costs was read out to me, some compulsory, some not.
First of all £18 security tax (since 9/11) - The prices include airport departure taxes, yet strangely not this compulsory £18
Next we have £15 to be taken from the airport to the hotel on arrival. This is not compulsory. I enquired about the options for making my own way to the hotel, and was met with silence. 'We can arrange car hire' - she suggested.
Followed by £10 because the apartment could take 3 people, and we were only two. This one obviously was compulsory.
Next up, £10 to have a meal on the plane, not compulsory, and probably no great hardship not to eat on the plane.
And finally, the one that made me REALLY irate. £10 so you can sit together on the plane!
YES, indeed, if you would like to converse with your fellow holiday maker on the way there, you better stump up a tenner. She said that if a group of ten people book a holiday, they can't guarantee they will sit together.
I am NOT with 9 other people, I am with ONE other person, and I don't NEED a GUARANTEE.
How about you do your best, and let me keep my tenner?

Posted by paul at November 4, 2003 03:16 PM


Noticed today, more piss-taking in the form of the Thomson/LunnPoly websites. One has a £20 'web discount', the other has a £10 'web discount'.
Guess what? All the EXACT same holidays cost EXACTLY £10 more.
Not amused.

Posted by: Paul Beaton at November 5, 2003 02:27 PM

have you considered looking at ebay. They seem to have a few packages available, though I'm not too sure about how reliable they are. Worth looking into i guess...

Posted by: tom at November 5, 2003 07:13 PM